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Mrs Taylforth



Mrs A Wilson

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Mrs Bray (Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday)

Mrs F Turner (Thursday & Friday)



Mrs A Brierley

Mrs C Gallagher

Mrs R Watts


Transition Evening PowerPoint - July 2023

Teaching and learning in Early Years

Here is an overview of the learning in early years. We are currently updating our curriculum for the academic year 2023-2024.

Medium Term Plans

You can find out more about what we will be learning each half term by looking at the medium term plans below:

Autumn 1 medium term plan

Autumn 2 medium term plan

Spring 1 medium term plan

Spring 2 medium term plan

Summer 1 medium term plan

Summer 2 medium term plan



This term we have started a new phonics scheme called Essential Letters and Sounds.  We want the children to practise reading their book 4 times across
the week working on these skills:

This will help them to read more fluently. 

Click here to view a parents presentation about how we teach your child to read and write and how to support this at home

To help your child with pronouncing the pure sounds correctly watch the videos below by following the link. 

Phase 2 Pure Sounds

Phase 3 Pure Sounds

Class Countries

Every year group in our school learns about a different country. By the end of year 6, the children have complied a Passport to the World containing the learning they have done about each country.  In Reception, we will be learning about London and China. We will compare London and Beijing and look at festivals we celebrate in the UK and those which are celebrated in China.

Useful Websites

Below are some useful websites to access at home