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"The more you know about the past, the better you are prepared for the future."

Theodore Roosevelt


Why is it important to learn history?

Learning from our past can help us to make the right choices in our future. Our own history and the history of other people is something we can learn from each and everyday of our lives. History teaches us to understand the world we live in and why it is like it is. It helps us recognise that peoples actions can have positive and negative impacts on the world. Through the study of history we learn to understand and accept the differences between people.

History is:

Inspirational – travelling back in time enables us to use and expand our imagination, it offers many exciting opportunities to make cross-curricular links. History should inspire us to investigate further and broaden our knowledge and skills.

Influential – learning from the actions of others influences our own actions, it helps us develop decision making skills, judgements and a sense of perspective.

Informative – we learn historical facts about Britain and the wider world, but we also learn to ask questions and to be inquisitive about the information/evidence we have.

Identity – history allows us to develop a sense of identity, we value our rich, local history and take any opportunity to make links with our local history.

Inclusive – history lessons offer opportunities for all pupils to engage and make progress in their learning.

What does History look like at Golcar JI&N School?

We aim to deliver an exciting and inspiring history curriculum, allowing all our pupils to develop their knowledge and understanding of Britain’s past and that of the wider world. We use a termly topic based approach and to engage our pupils we plan exciting topic launches and use all opportunities to enrich our curriculum..

Using the Clive Davies skills document, pupils develop and build on their historical enquiry, chronology, knowledge and interpretation skills as they travel through time with us.

During Early Years our pupils begin to develop their understanding as they learn about significant people and events in their own lives. Reception pupils visit Our local Victorian museum as they compare their toys with those used in Victorian times.

During KS1 our pupils further develop their skills as they learn about Queen Elizabeth, the Olympics (including our local olympians, Anita Lonsborough and Derek Ibbotson).

Our KS2 pupils build on and consolidate their knowledge and skills as they study periods in history such as the Stone Age to Iron Age, the Romans, the Egyptians, Vikings, the World Wars and our (local) Luddites.

How do we celebrate our learning in History at Golcar JIN School?

Achievement Assemblies – we regularly share our inspirational Topic home-learning and classwork.

Lesson enrichment – we plan experiences that bring history to life, such as Cave in the classroom, Stone Age Day, Tomb raiding,

 following in the footsteps of the Luddites.

Golcar Lily Day – we engage with our local community and celebrate our local history together.

Remembrance events – we find creative ways to reflect and show respect as we remember our past. We welcome local Veterans and value the knowledge and experiences they share with us.

Black history week – we celebrate the achievements of significant people whose actions have helped to change and shape our world for the better.

School trips/visiting speakers

Curriculum enrichment – Passport to the World


Whole School History Overview