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‘The important thing, is to never stop questioning!’


Albert Einstein


Why is it important to learn Science?

It is important that our children develop their understanding of what Science is, how Science works and are given the opportunity to discover why Science is important in our world.

It is essential that all pupils have the confidence and desire to explore and investigate through first hand scientific experiences, empowering them to develop a deeper knowledge and understanding of the world which we live in.

What does Science look like at Golcar JI&N School?

We aspire to…

  • Empower all our pupils to develop a love for learning for Science and achieve their personal potential.
  • Nurture our pupils sense of curiosity by giving them time to ask and explore scientific questions through investigations and develop the key skills they need to answer those questions.
  • Develop our pupils’ confidence and ability to collaborate with others during team tasks, sharing ideas, offering explanations and planning next steps.
  • Allow our pupils to use a range of methods and tools to communicate their scientific information and present it in a systematic, scientific manner, including I.C.T., diagrams, graphs and charts.
  • Build our pupils’ resilience by learning from mistakes, investigating problems, using trial and error and reflecting on next steps.
  • In Early Years, Science is introduced through continuous provision with purposeful opportunities to develop critical thinking during Science experiments. Science is assessed through observations.
  • In KS1, children are introduced to specific scientific areas Biology, Chemistry and Physics where they will begin to understand scientific knowledge and begin to develop their conceptual understanding. In KS2, specific scientific areas will be developed and built upon to deepen their scientific knowledge and conceptual understanding. Science is assessed through our Science Passport booklets which travel with the children throughout their journey at Golcar JIN.

How do we  promote learning in Science?

  • Science Week
  • Science workshops
  • Visits to Greenhead College
  • Super Learning Days
  • Science clubs
  • STEM ambassadors


Whole School Science Overview