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“Creativity takes courage,”

Henri Matisse


Why is it important to teach Art?

Art is important as it is creates an opportunity for children to communicate without using words. It allows experimentation with different media and an increasing awareness of different kinds of art and design. It encourages children of all abilities to develop and share their ideas, experiences and imagination and allows them to express themselves in a safe and stimulating environment.

What does Art look like at Golcar JIN?

At Golcar JIN we give children opportunities, from EYFS to Year 6, to develop their curiosity and confidence in their own abilities so that they can create without boundaries. We aspire to promote self-esteem, risk taking and to not be afraid to make mistakes. Children are encouraged to be able to communicate their own experiences and emotions through their artwork. In order to do this, we explore different artists and a range of materials and techniques. Sketchbooks are used as a working document to record ideas and observations. The children are taught to develop the skills to choose their own media appropriate to the task and to be able to explain, evaluate and improve on their choices.

How do we promote learning in Art?

  • Showcases of children's work in all areas of the school
  • Cross-curricular links to subjects and topics showing how art is relevant in society
  • Art projects based on other countries and cultures as part of our passport to the world


Whole School Art Overview