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“Music has a power of forming the character, and should therefore be introduced into the education of the young,”





Why is it important to teach music?

Music is an important part of children's development: it can develop skills, attitudes and attributes to support learning in other subjects. It improves their self-esteem, stimulates brain development, and fosters a sense of achievement, especially for children who may struggle in more academic areas as it can trigger the release of feel good chemicals into our bodies. Children become engaged and inspired to develop a love of music and to evaluate the work of themselves and others. They are taught to improvise and compose music which can then be performed using their voices and musical instruments.

What does Music look like at Golcar JIN?

We aim to develop an exciting curriculum which enables children to develop their skills in Music. During lessons, we use Charanga, which supports our teaching of music across school, allowing the children to appraise, compose and perform pieces of music. Children are given the opportunity to use and explore instruments and listen to a variety of music genres. They are encouraged to express opinions and communicate emotions about pieces of music.

We aim to teach the children, from EYFS up to year 6, the confidence to play and perform as part of a group or solo, using their voices and musical instruments. Children will aspire to discover their musical strengths and talents in a safe and stimulating environment. Music is woven into our cross curricular topics in order to engage the children and create interest in the topic. 

How do we promote Music Learning at Golcar JIN

  • Opportunity to learn and perform songs for Christmas and end of year performances.
  • Children use instruments to develop musical skills through the Wider Opportunities programme.
  • Children have access to peripatetic music lessons, learning to play a range of instruments including trumpet, recorder, piano, violin, guitar and voice, in one-to-one and small group lessons.
  • Choir
  • Outdoor Performances
  • Showcasing in assemblies. 



Whole School Music Overview