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Golcar Junior Infant And Nursery School

We are part of the Green Light Teaching Alliance which includes Shelley College, Battyeford Primary, East Bierley Primary, Heaton Avenue Primary, Royds Hall and Whitcliffe Mount.

Teaching schools have been designated to identify, develop and co-ordinate expertise for the benefit of pupils across a network of schools to achieve:

· Better results for pupils

· Fewer poorly performing schools

· More good and outstanding schools

· A self-improving and sustainable system that contributes to the development of local succession planning arrangements to ensure a future supply of highly skilled leaders in local schools.

 The teaching school alliance directly impacts on our staff and children as it helps ensure professional development is school based and classroom focused. This will be tailored to the specific needs of staff in our school, developing their professional expertise and building their leadership skills. It allows us to develop a more reflective teaching practice, share outstanding teaching and learning, and most importantly, improve the learning opportunities for our children through collaborative research and development of educational ideas and initiatives

What does the government say about Teaching school alliances?

'Teaching school alliances are led by a teaching school and include schools that are benefiting from support, as well as strategic partners who lead some aspects of training and development. Strategic partners may include: other schools from any phase or sector, academy chains, local authorities, private sector organisations and/or a teaching school alliance may decide to work with other alliances to share knowledge and resources as a teaching school network.'

 The aims of a teaching school include:

  •          School-led teacher training
  •          Continuous Professional Development
  •          Identifying and developing leadership potential
  •          Supporting other schools
  •          Developing specialist leaders of education
  •          Research and development