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Web Safety

FAO Parents of pupils in Years 5 & 6
Re: Snapchat
We would like to alert you to a potential new risk for those children using Snapchat, which has recently introduced a feature called SnapMaps, which allows users to share their exact location with other users. This could obviously pose a danger to children if they are communicating with people they don’t really know.
All evidence shows that children of primary school age are not normally able to identify such risky behaviour, which is why most social media apps (including Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram) have a minimum age limit of 13.
If your child is using Snapchat, they can enable a “Ghost Mode” whereby their location is not shared.
Guidance on this issue is available at:
A link is available through the online safety page on the school website.
As always, if you have any questions or concerns about your child’s online safety, please feel free to contact school for advice.