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Home Learning Work - Monday 13th - Friday 17th July 

Update from Miss W 13.7.20 :)

Hello Terrific Team Leopards!! 

We're nearly at the Summer holidays, can you believe it? Whether you're at home or school, I am so proud of each and everyone of you. I have loved our phone calls and being able to keep in touch with each and everyone of you!! I am really excited for the video calls next week in Team Leopards,  I can't wait to see the Terrific Team Leopards (virtually) who are learning from home! Be prepared because we're going to play some games that involve being active! This week at school, I have been looking after the Year 5 children in school which I have really enjoyed. Also, I've been continuing to look after the Year 5 Dojo and website while Mr G is with baby Lucas and preparing for moving to Hedgehogs next year - which is going to be next door to you in Panthers, which has made me so so happy!!! :-) Mrs Wightman is so impressed with the learning being uploaded on Dojo - she is very excited for September!

Over this weekend, I have been shopping for my next door neighbour, seen my mum and dad - I feel so blessed to be able to see them again and done lots of school work!

All of the learning for the week has been added to the website. It is a little different this week because it is the last week of Summer! 

As always, please see our reading plus update on the right hand side of our web page. Reading Plus runs out on July 31st so I would love to hear from you before then!

I hope you're all happy, healthy and still smiling as you know Miss W loves to smile :). Like I always say, truly mean and hope you know...Take care, reach for the stars and remember how proud I am of each and every one of you.

From Miss W x

Maths Monday 13th July to Friday 17th July:

Because it is the last week before the Summer holidays, Maths will be a little different this week! Your shorter tasks are to code break some emoji calculations and practise your timetables on TT Rock Stars. A longer task (more like a project) we would like you to do is create your very own Mathematical board game based on the 4 operations! Please see the resources below to help you. Enjoy :-)!!

Emoji code breaking

Board game challenge!


Literacy Monday 13th July to Friday 17th July:

Our Literacy for the week is going to involve carrying out a project which will help your new class teacher learn lots about you ready for September :-)! Your new class teacher is very excited to get to know you. Can you upload your project on to Dojo so they can see it and comment on it? You might present this as a poster, booklet, PowerPoint, rap, poem or something else of your choice!

Here are some ideas of what you might want to include in your project:

  • Your likes and dislikes
  • Your hobbies 
  • Exciting memories from Year 5
  • Achievements you are proud of
  • Targets for next year
  • Interesting information about you
  • People who are important to you

Weekly Spellings week commencing Monday 13th July:

Can you create your own word search or crossword using the Year 5/6 key spellings? Why not challenge a family member to solve the crossword or find the words in the word search as quick as possible? Please see below for the Year 5/6 key spellings.

Year 5/6 key spellings

Week commencing Monday 13th July:

Here are a couple of practical Science experiments to finish the school year. Choose a way of presenting your findings.

Fireworks in a glass

Lava lamp

PSHE week commencing Monday 13th July:

Let's reflect on our journey in Year 5! Even though it didn't end how we would have expected or wanted it to, Mr G and I are so proud of each and everyone of you! You're going to be given the alphabet for A-Z, can you come up with memories, achievements, challenges, learning for each letter of the alphabet? 

For example

A- Amazon Rainforest in Brazil

B- Being kind to one another

C- Chanting out special lines on a Friday :-)


Week commencing Monday 13th July:

As we have missed out on our annual Sports Day this year, can you create your own? Create a series of events or an obstacle course using simple equipment or household objects. Maybe record you completing it and post your video on Class Dojo.  


Outdoor Learning and Art

Weeks beginning: Monday 6th July and Monday 13th July
As the school year comes to an end, it is a good time to reflect. Complete the outdoor activities below over the last two weeks of term.

Cloud Gazing

Tree of life activities

Tree faces

Stick family

SNIP Programme

Please see below the SNIP programmes for the children, who do a SNIP intervention at school, to access from home. They can carry on from the session they have reached. Thank you.


Home Learning During School Closure

As more children are now in school, we are looking to replicate (where possible) the work done in school to that at home. 

From week commencing 15th June, we will be uploading Maths and Literacy lessons, which will include one TT Rockstars lesson and one Reading Plus lesson.

Lessons for foundation subjects will be uploaded on a Monday, for children to complete over the course of the week. 

Class Dojo is up and running :-)

So many children have already uploaded some fantastic work using the site and we are so pleased with how this has started. Your uploads are checked daily (Monday to Friday - during the school day) and some of you have been lucky enough to have your work selected to be shared on the class page for everyone else in the class to see. Everyone who has uploaded something has received Dojo points for their avatar!

Emails were sent out last week with your own personal log in. If you haven't received this then please email the office with your preferred email address.

Seeing and commenting on your work and pictures makes us feel like we're back in school and brings us all closer together :-)




This will be our last reading update of the school year! I just want to say how proud I am that we have maintained being the class to have the most children using Reading Plus :-)!!!

Even though I will be giving the last shout outs, I want to give a shout out to every single Leopard who has been on reading plus!!! :-)!!!

Shout out time! Congratulations!

Reading Awards:

Excited Elin, Relaxed Ramarai and Rainbow Ruby!!

This week on Leopard's leaderboard:
Most points- Marvellous Maxim with 10,675!
Most reading lessons - Marvellous Maxim who has completed 7!

Overall on Leopard's leader board at the end of academic year 20-21!
Most points- Thoughtful Toby with 94,801!
Most reading lessons - Ruby, Ruby. Ruby  who has completed 71!

Overall class on leader board:

Tigers are still holding their victory at the top! HOWEVER, we started off near bottom of the leaderboard yet we are now in fourth place (not far behind Tigers). I am so proud of our determination and effort!! :-)


Ongoing activities to be done throughout your time away from school:

  • Reading - explore a range of books and authors. Use the books you have at home, reading plus and take a look at the Oxford Owl website for free books with activities similar to the ones we use in school. The books are levelled like the books that are sent home.   
  • Times Tables - try and spend at least 15 minutes each day practising your times tables.  You could log on to Times Table Rockstars to challenge yourself and others.


  Our Class Promise 

Always try our best and be ready to learn :)
Listen to other adults and children when they are speaking :)
Take pride in our classroom by looking after the things in it :)
Believe in ourselves and reach for the stars :)
Respect other people :)
Be brave and take on a challenge :)
Believe mistakes are valuable because we learn from them (just like Miss W does) :)
Show kindness... it costs nothing!!!

Read, relax and reflect' zone in Team Leopards :)
Read, relax and reflect' zone in Team Leopards :)