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Online Safety


Here you will find information about how to keep your child safe at home when using the Internet.

There are links to different websites that provide lots of information. We use some of these websites in school to teach the children about appropriate and safe behaviour online.  

We hope you find this information useful.

Help your child stay safe on social networks, apps and games. Net Aware, by the NSPCC, keeps up-to-date with social media platforms.

Click on the picture above for more information regarding Net Aware

Click on the images below for further information on web safety

Responsible Use of the Internet and Email 

As part of students' curriculum enhancement and the development of ICT skills, we are providing supervised access to the Internet and email.
Students will be able to exchange electronic mail with partner schools and research information from museums, libraries, news providers and suitable web sites as part of their programme of learning.
Although there have been concerns about students having access to undesirable materials, we are taking positive steps to deal with that possibility. We obtain our Internet access through Kirklees Schools Broadband which operates a strong filtering system which restricts access to inappropriate materials and is continually updating its database of known offensive sites. We use email through a carefully controlled system which ensures that pupils are not exposed to risk from outsiders gaining their email address. All our screens are in public view and, as stated above, access will be supervised.
Should you wish to discuss any aspect of Internet and email use (or to see a lesson in operation) please contact school to make an appointment.
Your child will be asked to sign the Responsible Use of the Internet and Email Agreement that we operate at our school. (should you wish to view a paper copy your child’s teacher will be able to provide you with one).

Here are some guides for parents on games consoles

 Parental Guide - Nintendo Switch.pdfDownload
 Parental Guide - WiiU.pdfDownload
 parental guide - xbox360.pdfDownload
 parental guide - xboxone.pdfDownload
 Parental Guides - Nintendo3DS.pdfDownload
 Playstation - parental guide.pdfDownload
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There have been some important recent updates on Snapchat so we have updated our guide for parents and carers accordingly